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My path in Astrology

I never understood what astrology was, until about 3 years ago, when the pandemic started. I began a search for alternative therapies that would help me calm those concerns within me that I could no longer not listen to. (Who didn't do something similar in the pandemic, right?).

That's how I started going to psycho-astrological therapy. I don't know if I just invented this term or not, but the therapist who accompanied me in this process is an astrologer. First he read my astrological chart, and then we continued in therapy. I spent approximately 1 year in psychological therapy where we constantly covered many astrology topics.

It is a beautiful discipline… for me, a whole science. And it was great to have started astrology from the work on my own chart.

And wow, it's work!

It is a very, very powerful tool for those who are willing to know it, and understand it for what it is: a road map that can guide us in our life, understanding where our evolutionary points are and those attachments that we bring even from the past of our soul Yes...all that and much more you can see through your letter.

And if we talk about astrology, I cannot fail to mention one of the most powerful laws of the Kybalion: As above, so below. Astrology tells us about a relationship between the movement of planets in the sky (in relation to the earth), and the movement of relationships that we have with ourselves and those around us. What happens in heaven is a reflection of what happens on earth, on a collective level, but also on a personal level. But be careful, not from a predictive perspective, but from an evolutionary perspective, understanding how the available energy is, and how we can use it to our advantage if we wish.

Needless to say, astrology is beautifully complex. And deciding to study it, as I did after finishing my therapy, requires dedication. At first when I started studying, I told myself: “a year from now I want to be reading astrological charts…”.

What a dreamer haha

Today, approximately 2 years have passed since I started, I realized that it is a long process. Does the pace I give depend on me? Of course. But I prefer to go little by little, so as not to get overwhelmed. For now I am happy sharing small pieces of reflections on Instagram, in the future on this page, to my closest people, to the people who ask me and are interested...

In the future, I am sure that I will read cards, and my dream?, to combine yoga with astrology, soak up this knowledge and impart from what I love. I always think: "...if this is useful to me, and helps me in my processes, I want to teach it..."

I want others to discover their magic too, and I want to be able to help others by inspiring.

Because if I can, we all can.

I encourage you to follow your dreams, and whatever you are creating 😊


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