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What does it mean to return to our center?

For me, returning home is returning to myself, to my own center... but what exactly does this mean?

I bet you have doubts! In the next few words I will try to explain it to you, and tell me in the comments how it went, okay?

First things first: our center .

Let's first go to the rule definition. The center is a point or place that is in the middle, more or less equidistant from the limits or extremes . Ok, so we know it's a point. But I found the second definition I found much more interesting: Place where information, decisions, etc. come from or converge . Could it be that the center can also be a starting point...and/or convergence? But of what?

This is where I will talk to you about the dimensions of being. Look around you...What do you see?

Whether you are in your room, or in the office, or on the patio of your house, you are looking at matter , what your eyes can physically see and observe. We call this the physical plane. The point is that we not only live on the physical plane , the one we see and can touch, but we live on more planes simultaneously.

There is also the plane where our thoughts live, or mental plane , our feelings, or emotional plane , and also where our consciousness or higher being resides, the spiritual plane. It turns out that all these planes, whether we are aware of it or not, coexist simultaneously in you.

You are part of all of them at the same time . You are a being with a physical body, who thinks, who feels emotions, but who also lives in a dimension that is not physical, but rather energetic, which is not governed by the laws of space and chronological time, but rather from energetic attraction. This is the dimension or spiritual plane that I am talking to you about. Our center acts as a connection point between our spiritual dimension and our other planes , since it is where we can have access to our spiritual dimension in this physical experience (body) in which we find ourselves.

Our center is located physically and energetically in our heart . How beautiful, isn't it?

Let's go deeper. What would the spiritual plane be?

We already said that it is not physical, but energetic. It is the plane that is not governed by the laws of space-time as we know them, but is timeless (outside of time), and therefore, there is no past or future. There is only the present. When you close your eyes, what do you see? You know that you are here, that your body is still there, but it seems that "you" or "your consciousness" goes somewhere else... right? to something more intangible. Well, I present to you, on the energetic or spiritual plane. When we close our eyes and know that we continue to exist, we understand that we not only live on a tangible or physical plane.

And here I give you another key... not being within the physical, finite, the spiritual plane is eternal . And if I have told you that there is a part of you that lives on the spiritual plane, could it be that there is a part of you that is eternal? Touch.

We call this being, spirit, soul . I have the faithful conviction that our soul is eternal, and that therefore we have gone through many lives or "incarnations" on physical planes. What ultimately links all these incarnations is that there is a part of you, of everyone, that never dies, but transcends .

Your soul.

I could be here for hours talking to you about this. But let's go back to the center.

Since the center is the point that unites our spiritual plane with our material plane, it is in our heart where we can connect with our soul.

And how I love this word.

The connection with ourselves, with our internal world, allows us to generate a link with our center and therefore, with our soul.

The awareness that this plane exists allows us to make this link sustained over time.

And with this I finish. Coming home is everything I do, and that you do, to generate and sustain this link with your own center, with the spiritual plane, and with your own soul.

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