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Eggplant and soy meat lasagna

Cook Time:

50 minutes



About the recipe


You will need

- Eggplants 3 or 4 depending on size

- 2 cups of soy meat

- Soy meat pine: we use carrot, onion and paprika and natural tomato. Vegetables are to taste depending on what you have and what you like best.

- 2 bags of tomato sauce


- vegan cream

- vegan cheese


- Soak the soy meat

- Cut the eggplants lengthwise, making slices. Here comes a very important step which is, once cut, put them on top of a paper or towel and add a little salt on both sides so that they release the water. Let them rest for 10 minutes.

- Meanwhile, sauté the pine vegetables to your liking. Then optionally add natural tomato. When they are well cooked, add the strained soy meat and cook for approximately 5-10 more. Once it is ready you add the tomato sauce. Once it's hot, you turn off the pan.

-We're back to the eggplants! With the same Nova towel, dry them well, heat a frying pan without anything and brown them on both sides (approximately 1 minute per side).

We are ready to assemble! Look for a large bowl and layer it: we start with a layer of eggplant, then the pine, and another layer of eggplant until we finish. If you are going to add cream and/or cheese, Intersperse the layers.

Once it is assembled, put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for approximately 15 minutes (until it is hot and bubbles appear on top).

It's ready!🙌🏼

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