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What I believe lies beyond our existence

How nice to see you here again! You're liking it, right? The truth is that I am passionate about these topics. And everything you will see here is a set of thoughts that have matured over time, just like you and I =)

The title sounds strong, doesn't it? as a decisive good. Precise, direct... here we go

Look, this is how it is. We talked in the two previous posts about the physical plane and the spiritual plane, right? (I recommend reading them first if you haven't already). The thing is that I believe that, in the same way that our higher or spiritual being connects with the material plane, it is also capable of connecting with other planes higher than it (ahhh??) .

Yep. I call this elevation of consciousness: the understanding that there is a reality much more immense, true and powerful than what we are capable of seeing and observing with our physical eyes (that is, with the tiny and limited piece that we know of reality). . From our current understanding, we cannot have access to this transcendental reality in its entirety, but we can have a glimpse of its conformation. As above, so below.

I'll explain my theory a little more.

In the same way that we have a center that supports us, there are larger centers that support larger creations, such as the Sun, which supports the solar system, or a galaxy, which is capable of supporting a constellation. But this intelligence, because it is pure intelligence, which is capable of sustaining something as large as a galaxy, continues to expand infinitely. And in this expansion I came to the understanding that, in the same way that there is a center that holds the universe, there is a center that holds everything created .

He is the creator. Is God. It is Krishna. It is the source. It is love. It's the ONE, Call it what you want.

Being the greatest conception that exists, this supreme creator is the owner and sovereign being of everything manifested and unmanifested. It is the center that supports immensity itself. It has all the qualities imaginable and the unimaginable too. It is the beginning, it is the middle and it is the end. It is the past, the present and the future. It is omnipresent. And the truth is, there is nothing that moves without him deciding. There is nothing that acts without him having decreed it to be so. It is the absolute truth.

I also believe that the vital force, the engine that moves this creator, is love. And by this I don't mean love as a couple... I mean unconditional love. Love for life itself, for existence. Love as an energetic frequency is the most powerful force that exists . And we can connect with this frequency through our center, we can embody it here, on earth.

If love is the highest frequency that exists, and it is the one that moves the creator, what makes you think that your life cannot be loving and full? Could it be that we put more obstacles on ourselves than really exist?

I don't know, honestly, I still don't have the answer. But I do know that life here is not easy. Life on planet Earth is complex, where we can very easily be controlled by emotions such as anguish, anxiety, and suffering... we are dense matter.

But there is something I can tell you, and I swear I have been able to experience it from experience. Love being the highest frequency that exists, life, the universe wants you to be happy . He wants you to feel happy, fulfilled, to really enjoy yourself. He wants to conspire in your favor.

The thing is, it's up to you to open your antennas to learn to listen and connect with it. I bet you can already imagine where... right?

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